Posted by: mystressm | June 18, 2007

Two minutes of Terror

We had our web communications class today.

It turns out that web communications isn’t just writing. It’s also about speaking.

In public.

In front of tons of eyes.

Our designated topic was: The Website.

Duck and Hide
Around the room we went. Each student was required to give a brief two minute description of the website that they were working on.

Two minutes? Two minutes? That’s an eternity! How can I possibly survive that long?

I delayed as long as humanly possible. I employed every trick in the book.

I avoided eye contact. Shrank in my seat.

But inviso-girl was spotted.

Clutching my design papers in my hand I managed to speak a few words. I managed to stammer out a brief 2 second description…..something like “It’s a financial newsletter website that people subscribe to.” Then I leapt eagerly to the impromptu reprieve that I had tacked on to end of my speech.

“Are there any questions?” I asked.


Then a miracle happened! There were questions!  People were interested.

In fact the teacher had to move us along. I had taken up more than two minutes! And better yet, once people started talking to me the dreaded panic feeling vanished!

The teacher even spoke up and suggested that perhaps instead of creating a fictitious website that I would pull down at the end of the course, I should actually make a real one. She thinks my concept has potential!

Hmmmmmm. I’ll have to think about it.

Move over Suzie Orman!



  1. I do think it could be successful and you are a lot less annoying than Suze Orman!

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