Posted by: mystressm | April 27, 2007

Hello world!

This is my first blog so I may as well introduce myself………… I am a late fourties woman returning to college after about thirty years in the workforce. I am taking a one year web design program at BCIT.

My new life as a student is definitely not going to be easy. All of my my much younger classmates have a huge leg up on me in terms of Mac computer and software experience. My first big challenge will be to just to catch up to the starting knowlege base of the class.

Luckily, I’m sitting right next to a recent high-school grad. She seems pretty nice.

Yesterday, I survived my first trial-by-fire.

I had to take my first little pop-quiz last week. In WORD. Guess who’s never cracked WORD open before? I spent 10 frantic wasted test minutes trying to open an initial blank page (in a usable view-size) in the program while all around me I could hear my fellow students confidently tap, tap tapping their answers.

It’s a good thing that I’ve spent decades as a secretary. Once I got that sucker finally working at least I could type like a race horse.

So why would I decide to go back to school if I had a perfectly good job?

The reality of the world is is that if you don’t have a degree, diploma or a paper SOMETHING, employers basically consider you a “highly replaceable” low-value employee. It doesn’t matter how efficient you are or what great work you can do, if you don’t have the paper qualifications – even if you can perform the work/ produce the product, you won’t get the credit. You won’t get promoted, recognized or compensated.

You don’t get access to employer sponsored education. But the guy with the paper does. He also gets to go to conferences and gets the networking opportunities to develop his own contacts. When it comes to benefits, their teeth are considered more valuable, and their benefit & holiday packages are more generous. On the other end of the spectrum, an employee with a low-market worth is denied all these sorts of opportunities and every year that you miss out on them, you fall further and further behind.

So kids – it doesn’t matter how much you want to get that car/ipod/leave home…… my advice is STAY IN SCHOOL! Beg, borrow, grovel! (I know that last one sucks….:) But do what it takes. But get that piece of paper. Don’t leave home without it.

So as a budding web designer,  my first assignment is to make a BLOG.

I’ve never even seen a BLOG before.

So if it looks a bit weird, you’ll have to forgive me. It’s an assignment for my Web Communications Class.

So I have to pick a topic to blog about.

And my topic (unless I change my mind later – heh, heh we students can do that can’t we?) is going to be finance.

Securities. Commodities. Base & precious metals.

An exploration of do-it-yourself online investing for an imaginary investment newsletter website.


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